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The firm of Quilichini & Cabán-Bermúdez, PSC,  is a recently established law firm which belies the years of experience of its members, who have have ample experience in various areas of law and are dedicated to serving its clients aggressively and efficiently.  Collectively, the members of the firm have over 35 years of experience in the practice of law, and its members complement each other to cover the essential services required by its clientele. 


It members have counseled and represented clients in federal and local courts as well as federal and local governmental agencies in areas such as Labor and Employment Law, Construction Law, Real Estate Transactions, Surety claims, Telecommunications Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, and Intellectual Property Law.  In the areas of litigation, the firm's members have ample litigation experience in cases such as breach of contract, product liability, insurance claims, unjust termination and discrimination claims.


The firm takes great pride on the fact that they are constantly available to their clients.  Its telephone system is programmed to forward its messages to the individual attorney.  The members’ cellular telephone numbers are given to the clients so that they can be reached after hours.  Even facsimile transmissions are forwarded via email so that the attorneys can read and review them even when out of the office.  The firm keeps searching for better ways to facilitate the communication with its clients.


Technology plays a central role in the operation of the firm. In this ever-shrinking world, the firm uses the latest in technology to facilitate its communication with its clients and to increase its productivity while keeping its costs below those of competing law firms, without sacrificing quality.  All attorneys are connected to the Internet  and use it continually to communicate with clients and exchange documents, thus expediting communications between them.  The use of scanners to digitize documents and files and index them to facilitate their search and retrieval makes it one of the few firms in Puerto Rico using this technology.  The Firm is committed to finding better and faster ways to serve its clients with the expediency and quality they demand.