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areas of practice

Labor and Employment Law – Puerto Rico has one of the most complex and difficult environments in the area of Labor and Employment Law.  The convergence of Federal Laws with a substantial body of employee-oriented local laws creates a daunting challenge to any employer who wishes to operate in Puerto Rico.  This atmosphere is further complicated by a plethora of decisions from local courts that tend to expand the legal protection of employees. 

The firm believes that its main duty is of a preventive nature, that is, to shield clients from potential litigation and liability rather than representing them once litigation has ensued.  This is achieved by adopting a proactive approach to counseling.  Through seminars, newsletters and trainings, our client’s supervisors are kept up to date on the recent developments in Labor and Employment law, and on general issues related to how to supervise, discipline and handle the various situations that will confront a manager or supervisor in his day to day endeavors. 

The firm’s experience in this particular area of practice is very broad, having represented clients in basically all aspects of the labor and employment law arena, such as the review and preparation of policies and procedures, proactive counseling in areas of employee selection, retention, disciplining and termination.  The firm is asked to perform internal investigations in cases of sexual harassment, charges of employment discrimination, and to represent them in governmental investigations in these areas. 

The firm counsels clients in the process of setting up their operations and guaranteeing compliance with all the applicable laws, and have acted as labor counsel in several mergers and acquisitions.  They further counsel clients in the areas of employment hiring and termination, the adoption of rules and procedures in the workplace, the investigation of discrimination and harassment claims,

General Litigation – Unfortunately, the best attempts to avoid a legal showdown will not always work, and will end up before the courts for their final adjudication.  The members of the firm are no strangers to the nuances of litigation, having represented clients in a myriad of cases before local and federal administrative agencies, as well as local and federal courts.